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Our Guide to Finding the Right 1031 Exchange Replacement Property

In the real estate market, business owners, real estate agents, and property investors can take advantage of what is called the 1031 exchange. For the uninitiated, the Internal Revenue Code Section 1031 states that investors can defer all taxable liabilities... Read More

Protecting Your Wealth Amidst a Tumultuous Economic Environment

As the pandemic rages on, there persists an uncertainty in the air regarding the economic health of every region across the United States. If you’re running a business or in charge of an investment property, it can be difficult to... Read More

Why Real Estate Investments Remain A Formidable Investment

Many people continue to live in fear as the world grapples with the effects of COVID-19. Millions have lost their jobs and their sense of financial security. Stock markets are crashing, and entire economies are shrinking. In the face of... Read More

How Delaware Statutory Trusts Can Potentially Reduce Regulatory Risk

Have you ever wondered how an expert real estate investor can quickly identify the risks he or she faces and find ways to attempt to mitigate them? Well, let us tell you that it is not “easy.” It is just... Read More

3 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Dealing With Capital Gains Tax

The property buying process can be incredibly difficult, and the investment involved can be unbelievably demanding. So much money is involved, and you’d naturally want to save a few costs at given opportunities. Luckily, there is a way to wiggle... Read More

Potentially Tax-Free Alternative Investments to Increase Your Wealth

Many types of investments come with taxes. While there is nothing wrong with that, it is sometimes frustrating to think that many of the potential returns from your hard work go directly to taxes. If your goal is to invest... Read More

5 Tips for Making Your Capital Gains Tax Work for You

Selling stocks and other assets requires planning, especially about the taxes that such sales would incur. Some people are too eager to get a property off their hands or are very keen on closing a deal. As a result, they... Read More

Swapping Real Estate for Potential Profit-Understanding 1031 Exchanges

On April 9, 2020, the IRS issued an extension for time-sensitive transactions within April 1 to July 15 to all be moved to July 15 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. With different businesses and industries at a standstill, this is... Read More

A Quick Guide to the Like Kind Exchange

If you’re looking to sell your current investments to buy another property, it’s integral that you understand everything there is to know about the 1031 tax-deferred exchange. It is an important process that will allow you to sell a property... Read More

1031 Tax Deferred Exchange – Why it Could be Beneficial to Investors

One of the most basic investment decisions that an individual can make is to consider investing in property. After all, money sitting in a bank can lead to wasted opportunities, especially when you can attempt to augment your cash flow... Read More